About Burntwood


Burnt wood is a sustainable alternative to pressure impregnated wood. It is an impregnation method that has been used all the way back to the Viking Age and which has since been refined in the Japanese building culture.

When the upper millimeters of the tree are charred, the sugars in the tree are burned at the same time so that the harmful microorganisms have nothing to live on. No chemical substances are used for impregnation, as it is the wood's own substances that, through the burning, protect the surface – a surface that is both beautiful and extremely weatherresistant.

When choosing BurntWood as a façade material, you will experience shades that vary from pitch black to shiny silver. Each board gets a unique surface, which with its riveted appearance is experienced both matte and shiny.

BurntWood is an impregnation method that has its roots firmly planted in history, but which at the same time is a modern response to today's demands for sustainable construction.

Who are we?

"BurntWood" consists of a group of tenacious enthusiasts who want to help find new sustainable solutions for the construction sector. We have a shared ambition to be able to provide modern, unconventional responses to today's requirements for sustainable construction. We believe that low-tech solutions can have high-tech qualities that can help make the world more sustainable. We are all trained in the construction field and work daily as a carpenter, builder and architect respectively.

Warranty and durability

We offer the same guarantee as other skirmish façade suppliers. Find the results of our ageing tests under data. BurntWood has a life expectancy of 50 years when properly installed.


Wood patinans differently and therefore always tells a unique story. "Wabi Sabi" is the Japanese name for the way "BurntWood" patinas. It is the poetic argument for seeing the beauty of aging. To age with grace in a natural way rather than the unnatural, where you add poison and chemicals to make something look younger. By choosing BurntWood, you get a unique and maintenance-free façade, which becomes silvery over time. It is possible to buy black primer with us if after a number of years you want the black look back.