About Burntwood


Burnt Wood is a viable alternative to pressure-impregnated wood. It is a waterproofing method which has been used as far back as the Viking Age and which has later been refined in the Japanese building culture.

When the upper millimeters of the tree are carbonated, the sugars are burned in the wood at the same time, so that the harmful microorganisms have nothing to live on. Chemical substances are not used for the impregents, as they are the wood's own substances, which, through burning, protect the surface – a surface that is both beautiful and extremely weatherproof.

A choice of "burnt wood" as a façade material will experience shades that vary from charcoal to shiny silver. Each board gets a unique surface that, with its nisted appearance, is experienced both matte and shiny.

"Burnt Wood" is a impregnation method that has its roots firmly planted in history, but which is at the same time a modern response to today's demands for sustainable construction.


Who are we?

"Burntwood" consists of a group of tenacious enthusiasts who want to contribute to finding new sustainable solutions for the construction sector. We have a common ambition to be able to deliver modern, unconventional responses to today's demands for sustainable construction. We believe that low-technology solutions can have high-tech qualities that can help make the world more sustainable. We are all educated within the construction field and work for daily as a carpenter, constructor and architect.

The company is owned and managed by Ecotømrer. DK APS, by Anders Mølgaard. CVR: 38938142



Natural materials age differently over time, and will look far different after 5, 10, 20 and 30 years. Wood patinates differently and therefore always tells a unique story. This also applies to burnt wood from Burntwood, and for this reason we cannot provide warranty – in return, we give full assurance that you will have a unique wooden façade and that we always make an effort to deliver the best possible result.